The Industrial Series in Classic Brass
Foothill Model Works

From time to time Foothill Model Works will offer this series of assembled, brass, ready to run, industrial locomotives and cars. Each of these models are made here in the United States using lost wax and lost plastic brass and nickel silver parts (invested by the Back Shop in Sacramento, CA), machined brass and aluminum parts, and etched brass parts where appropriate. While most of our initial offerings are lost plastic versions of Grandt Line kits, Foothill Model Works has added some of its own CNC machined parts and etchings to enhance these already superb models and to enhance their operation. Completely new locomotives and cars will eventually follow. Future offerings will include Grandt Line 8 ton 2ft. gauge Porters (they are physically different from the wider gauges), 18 ton Porters in various gauges, ore cars, and other engines with different wheel arrangements and options not available from Grandt Line and other engines and cars in scales (i.e. 3/8") and gauges not previously offered!

8 Ton Porter Series

Photos are of assembled, ready-to-run, production run, brass On3 engine. Engine shown: FMW-2400, On3; Porter Class: 7x12 BS, coal burner wtih wooden cab, saddle tank, extended smoke box, Porter headlight, modern domes, oval water hatch, bell, and a shotgun stack.

Photos are of assembled, custom painted and lettered pre-production On30 engine. Brakeman and custom painting, decals, and weathering extra. Engine shown: FMW-2400P, On30; Porter Class: 7x12 BSK, wood burner wtih steel open canopy cab, saddle tank, short smoke box, Back Shop headlight, early domes, round water hatch, side mounted bell, and a standard balloon stack.

Foothill Model Works’ first engine in the Industrial Series in Classic Brass, is an O scale, 0-4-0T, 8 ton Porter. Porter described this locomotive in the 13th edition of its catalog as “the best possible selection for contractor’s use, shifting and industrial service, where the haul is not extra long, and where a simple, compact design is needed for sharp curves, rough track and hard work. It has abundant speed for such service, but is not intended for extreme speed nor for very long hauls. These machines are substantially built and can be depended upon for hard work and infrequent need of renewals. Brake shoes are generally the only items needed for a long time. These smaller sizes are especially desirable for extra narrow gauges and for contracts where locomotives must be transported long distances over rough wagon roads.” With these qualities, it is easy to see why these locomotives were so popular with industrial and small narrow gauge railroads in America and around the world.

Based on Grandt Line Products’ exquisite 8 ton Porter kit (in fact, the brass parts are made from their styrene kit using the “lost plastic” method of investment casting), a large variety of legitimate, Porter cataloged engines will be made available. A listing of the possible options is as follows:

Fuel:Wood, Oil, or Coal.
Cab:2 Wooden Types, Steel Open Canopy, “Without Cab.”
Tanks:Saddle or Square Side Tanks.
Domes:Early or Modern.
Smoke Box:Short or Extended.
Stack:2 Balloon Types or “Shot Gun.”
Headlight:None, Porter, or Back Shop Oil Lamp.
Bell/Water Hatch:Bell location linked to hatch type.
Gauge:3ft. or 30in.

Note: Not all possible combinations were actually built, but were cataloged. Some possible combinations are not prototypical.

Available from time to time from Foothill Model Works these high quality, highly accurate, ready to run brass engines feature the following:

8 Ton, 0-4-0T Brass Porters:

Note: We did not catalog every possible combination here. We will have some common combinations in stock for immediate delivery; however, if you would like a specific locomotive, we can build one to suit. Your choice from the options listed above are included in the following prices; however, a deposit of $250.00 is required on all custom built locomotives before construction can begin.

Stock No.
On3/On30FMW-2400Ready to Run Brass$850.00
On3/On30FMW-2400PFactory Painted$975.00

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